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Management software A management software is a software that is used to manage and control employees, plan projects, allocate resources and schedule work. These tools help managers as well as entire team members to control processes, activities, costs, quality and all documents exchanged during the project. Meanwhile, management software can serve as a platform to facilitate collaboration between stakeholders of a company or project. From managing resources and budgets to managing team members, each of a manager's tasks are so complex that you must consider many things to choose management software. But our research and studies have shown that, in general, any management software should have 5 practical aspects to ultimately benefit you: First: Task list Management software helps you prioritize more important tasks by assigning and updating tasks. This way, you will be sure that all the members of your team are moving in the right direction. Second: Schedules Management tools that have a calendar, Gantt chart or daily or weekly planning are superior to other options. These capabilities help you understand how far the work of a project has progressed and what activities each member of the team has done in order to advance the work. Third: File sharing With the possibility of sharing and organizing key project documents, you will no longer waste time searching for files, and everyone will have access to important files through a single database. Fourth: Communication Management software must be able to communicate. Because if the manager and team members communicate smoothly and easily, all problems will be solved as soon as possible and there will be no need for paper correspondence. Fifth: Reporting The best management software has the ability to report. In this way, managers can be sure that the project is progressing and all tasks are completed on time. Considering these aspects, we can now take a look at the best management software in both project and business sectors. Of course, there are different types of management software in the market, and you should choose a type according to your needs, the features of that business management software, as well as your desired budget. What is business management software? Business management systems help you automatically maintain the administrative, day-to-day business functions that coordinate your company, such as: customer contact management, employee management, order and inventory management, task and time tracking. Typically, "business management software" refers to an integrated package that includes several separate but related applications in a solution. However, other systems will focus around a specific business area, such as customer relationship management (CRM) or accounting. Business management software is designed for most day-to-day operations in business. Business needs vary by industry, and the exact features of these tools can vary, so it's important for potential buyers to make sure they choose a system that fits their organization's needs. For example, the needs of a retailer will be different from a manufacturer. Likewise, a retailer may need a point-of-sale business management system, while a manufacturer may need material requirements planning (MRP). It can certainly be said that business management software is made of everything very simple and easy to analyze for business houses. Some business management software • Wylie systems It is one of the best business management software for small business houses and it is cloud based. It supports several functions such as managing sales data, financial data, inventory information, point of sale information, customer records, etc. This software fully manages all customer related information such as progress reports, bookings and cancellations and is useful for email scheduling. Both sales, online as well as POS purchases can be tracked through this software and the amazing feature is that by integrating this software with bluetooth you can have a direct record of all inventory based information. • Logicbox This software is also cloud based business management. It is ideal for the needs of medium-sized business enterprises. It is best known for its CRM support. All customer relationship management functions can be done in a single place using this software that allows access to critical information to be integrated in a short period of time. The exceptional feature of this software is that it can be customized according to the specific requirements of any business as all its modules can be easily changed. One easily accesses a custom database, custom notifications, custom reports, analytics and much more. • Booker This is one of the best cloud-based data management software for businesses that are active in the service sector. Those who actively communicate with customers like to use this software; Because it completely updates all customer related data such as a flawless customer database, new customer search process, appointment booking method. Inventory, sales records, customer maintenance reports, etc. manages It also coordinates POS information, e-commerce activities, financial information and other critical information. • BP Logix Process Director BPlogix is a type of compliance management software and can be easily integrated without any problems. It is suitable for both public sector as well as private companies. It can be cloud based or premise based. The form builder tool is excellently supported by this software through which forms can be created and modified, and there is also support for data validation. Then the signatures are done, and finally, all the inconsistencies in time are satisfied with this intelligent software. Audit reports can be easily managed with this software and data encryption and multi-level authentication are also available. • Wrike This software is completely cloud-based management that is used by business houses for project management. Some of its features are social collaboration tools, assigning, setting and tracking all schedules as well as deadlines, prioritizing any assignments as custom needs, project report tracking, scheduling, integration with documents, access to necessary files, and more. is more This software is very useful that can fulfill the specified needs of various industrial industries related to their projects. • mHelpDesk Mhelpdesk business management software is a suitable option for those companies that perform field based services. It helps in organizing and managing service requests from various customers, creating invoices, helping in generating timely reports, managing customer data and much more. To facilitate the work of the department staff, you can easily access even if there is no Internet connection or call support. This system is completely cloud-based and many of its settings can be customized by business owners for specific reasons. • The software is also an environment for project-based management, but it is a web-based service that allows easy integration of all project details, thereby facilitating project accounting. It can be a good choice for medium-sized companies, and features such as time and expense tracking, billing management, billing reports, access to analytical information, customizable workflows, financial updates, CRM support, and much more. be This software is used in fields such as management, marketing, consulting services, engineering, etc. • BizAutomation This software has hybrid features because it can integrate CRM data with ERP (enterprise resource planning system) based features. Therefore, it can be used in various fields such as management, project management, e-commerce and other fields. It is a cloud based business management software and it provides centralized as well as easy method for business operations. It is suitable for small and medium-sized companies involved in marketing, retail sales, distribution, consulting, etc. • MINDBODY This software is cloud based and for small and medium businesses where many appointments and bookings are made on a daily basis. Some of the customers who like this software are people who work in businesses like spas, gyms, dance schools, fitness centers, etc., because they need the software for their daily routines. Manage customers effectively. The features of this software support such as reservation, automatic scheduling, waiting list management, advertising campaigns, report generation, notifications and alert setting, salary management for employees, check registration and checking, and many other features. be • Workfront Workfront software is also a cloud-based project management and has already been popularized by the name of At Task. Using this software, any project can be made efficient and efficient by using different types of business houses such as those with IT, accounting, consulting and other domains. The most features include maintaining project schedules, customizing project reports, proper workflow management organization, excellent communication tools for interaction at different levels of the organization, easy assignment of tasks, allocation of resources and many more. It is this type of flexibility and adaptability of software that can be very beneficial for business. About project management Today, project management has become one of the most important pillars of any organization, so that the reliable website Computer World announced in an article that the priority of companies for hiring, after IT specialists, is dedicated to project management engineers. Every year, the demand for project management increases and this demand constantly covers a wider range of knowledge. It is expected that the agility of information technology, remote project control with smart devices, risk management and data security will become more important every day. With the development of businesses in the past years, project management has become very important in organizations. So that every business must have expert, responsible and knowledgeable people in the project management process to gain competitive advantages in their organization. The impact of having an expert and proficient person on the organization's project management is undeniable and should not be ignored. Project management includes the rules and principles of how to start a project, how to implement it, rules and planning specify the requirements for its implementation. Certainly, every project has specific goals that the project manager plans with full knowledge of the project's characteristics and the capacity and ability of the team to advance them. The characteristics of a project are: • It is temporary • It has a definite beginning and end • Does not include routine tasks • It can include people outside the organization • It has specific resources What is project management software? Project management software is one of the management software and helps project managers to be able to do project management tasks in the best possible way, including planning, starting, how to implement and ending it. Therefore, it is necessary to know how project management software works. The best project management software Trello Trello project management software is one of the most widely used and comprehensive project management software, which is completely free on the web and as an application for Android and iPhone operating systems. Using Trello software can be compared to using a whiteboard or colored papers on which people write their tasks and plans and check them if they are done, with the difference that this traditional system lacks the necessary capabilities to send tasks to It does not have all the team members and it causes a waste of time and money, and it does not have an integrated and coherent performance. Using Trello software, project managers can determine the tasks of their team members and evaluate the progress of each task by individuals. Measure the work done by the members. Also, managers can change tasks offline if needed. • Asana Asana project management software is one of the applications that can be used to manage tasks in detail. People can have a real-time report in it, upload the files they want without the need for email, and talk and exchange information whenever they want. You can also use this software in a specialized way in BPMS. Wrike The free version of Rike software only provides users with the ability to create tasks and track them, and to have more and more advanced features, this software must be purchased. • Instagantt Insta Gantt project management software is one of the online project management software that users can use its Gantt feature. That is, people can enter the project information in one place and measure the progress and implementation of the project step by step. InstaGant is one of the online tools of the Asana software, and even if people do not use Asana, they can benefit from the features of this tool, such as specifying tasks, determining when they should be done, and monitoring the performance of other users. Using Insta Gantt project management software, project managers can assign tasks to the project team, extract the information they need from it, and easily convert it to their desired formats such as PDF, photo, and Excel. • Proof Hub ProofHub project management tool is a software with a simple user interface and it is very easy to use for users. This software has been released for two operating systems, Android and iPhone, and users can determine tasks and examine how it works like other software. One of the advantages of ProofHub project management software is that it is available in 6 languages, which allows project managers to use it in international work. Click Up With the Click Up project management software, project managers can determine the types of tasks, whether small or large tasks, and evaluate how they are done and their progress. In this software, it is easy to define access levels for users so that they can view data based on their needs. Monday Mandi project management software includes all the features of software such as Asana, Trello and Slack and it can be used for tasks such as team communication, project management and customer information management. In this software, customers can be invited to a section called Board so that they can be aware of the process of doing things and thus avoid wasting time. • Teamwork Teamwork, like other tools, is suitable for creating tasks, planning and tracking tasks. Users can use this software for 30 days for free.

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