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Promotional teaser Promotional teaser is a unique video that a person or company makes and publishes to develop their business as much as possible. The term teaser means annoying or curious. Teaser refers to short clips and videos that are made and shown to introduce a larger project, such as a movie, in order to attract the audience to the main project by stimulating the audience's curiosity. Many large industrial or commercial projects, like movies, have various promotions or teasers to introduce themselves to the audience and customers. In other words, a teaser is a short and attractive clip or video that draws the audience to its topic without revealing the story. Although with this definition, the essence of a teaser requires that it be mysterious and curious and of course very brief, but now with the change of view on the function of teasers, this method of display is used to advertise various types of products and services of companies. Advertising teasers that are shown on TV or cyberspace may promote a product very directly and indirectly, or they may do so indirectly and sometimes by stimulating the audience's curiosity. This depends on the scenario and the overall theme. It has a teaser. It is for this reason that the content or script of the teaser is considered one of the most important points in making a promotional teaser. The place of advertising teasers in today's world Today, a huge part of business, culture, art, sports, technology, politics and many other social aspects of our life are directly influenced by advertising. Every year, billions of dollars are spent on advertising the goods and services of multinational companies all over the world, and the biggest models and superstars of cinema and sports introduce the products of these companies in front of the camera. Not only technology, politics, sports, media and even art serve the advertising industry, but even science is trying to use its capabilities to convince the audience to better accept an advertisement and finally buy a product; For example, various branches of psychology such as the Gestalt school are used for advertising effectiveness. Due to the connection of our lives with technology, advertising teasers and advertisements have undoubtedly assumed a major part of the responsibility of marketing and sales. Maybe many people publish promotional teasers, but few people know what are the important points in making promotional teasers. Considering a series of basic and important principles in making promotional teasers will make your work several times better and increase the sale of advertised services or products. This allows you to surpass your competitors in the field of advertising. Why advertising teaser is necessary for every business? Nowadays, the markets are highly competitive and the success of a brand depends on the impact of its products on the audience. One of the stages of influence is getting to know the audience and attracting them through the introduction of the key features of the product. Marketing has no meaning without advertising. Today, advertising is one of the tools that is most used to inform and attract customers about products, and also plays an effective role as a main element in informing, persuading and reminding customers about the product in question. It should be noted that in using the content of advertising to the audience, a correct and appropriate method should be chosen; Because it is in this case that the transmission of advertising content to target market contacts and customers is done more quickly, so that the introduction of the production stages and the product cycle is the best and most effective. Customers and contacts will be curious about the products. In order for them to use legal services, it should be clear to them what is the message of that product and what is the purpose of using it? Another advantage of making promotional teasers is the possibility of sharing them. In the past, broadcasting or public broadcasting of advertisements on television and video media were completely one-sided, and the audience was only an involuntary viewer of an advertisement teaser; While with virtual space and social networks, today's audience has the right to choose more to see all kinds of advertisements and can help the teaser to be seen better by sharing it. This is precisely the reason why the companies that make promotional teasers try to create interesting and story-based promotional teasers so that the audience themselves are the agents of broadcasting and sharing the teasers. All kinds of promotional teasers It is worth mentioning that advertising teasers have different aspects, which determine the style and type of advertising. The most important issue in this part is what kind of style and format to choose to advertise a product that is more effective. This task should be entrusted to an experienced advertising filmmaker; To identify the best option for promoting a product by using story, drama, humor, etc. formats, and to evaluate and measure the audience by testing it in a small sample. It should also be determined by properly examining the type of your product or service that realistic advertising teaser or animation or a combination of both is better for you. In the real teaser, the spaces and people who play roles in the film are real and genuine; While the animated advertising teaser may have different forms such as motion graphics, infographics, cartoons, animations, etc. Of course, in terms of the topic and broadcast platform, teasers are divided into advertising, industrial, television and internet, which are the subgroups of Instagram, YouTube and has etc. • Real teaser: real people and spaces are used in making the clip. • Animation teaser: it can be a cartoon or motion graphics or other examples. • Combined teaser: which can be a combination of the above. What factors affect the quality of an advertising teaser? location The location of the teaser recording is also one of the important points in making a promotional teaser. Make the teaser in such a way that people believe it and it is not fictional, for example, use an alley or a street so that the content of the teaser is natural. Choose the place in such a way that you don't have problems such as lack of light and crowding when filming. Creativity One of the important principles of making promotional teasers is to use creativity. People are no longer looking for repetitive ads and a creative teaser can grab their attention. Get ideas from your surroundings, but make sure that your idea is not repetitive, but up-to-date and popular with the community. Skilled editor The most important part in making a promotional teaser, after the professional director team, is editing the film. Film editing adds color to a simple video. You have to edit the video using different software. For this, you should at least know what a software like Premiere is and how you can edit the video with different software and add special effects to it. Determining the target community One of the important points in making ad teasers that people don't pay enough attention to is the target audience that the video is supposed to affect. For example, is your product suitable for children? So you should use cartoon characters and happy colors in the video. It must be said that if you can make the video in such a way that it attracts the attention of a wide segment of the society, you have won a very big win because it is very difficult to get a large number of people interested in your video. Time for a teaser According to studies, few people are interested in long videos. Time is like gold, so people will never spend their time on a five minute video. If you set the duration of your video to one to two minutes, you will get the most views. Provide sufficient information to the customer Another important point in making an effective advertising teaser is to provide enough information to the customer. People are constantly looking for information, and when you provide them with the most information, you attract them to your advertising teaser. Use memorable phrases It must have happened to you that after seeing an advertisement, you repeat parts of it. This action makes the brand stay in your mind and you unconsciously go towards that brand when buying. Using advanced filming facilities Another important point in making an advertising teaser is the quality of the recorded image and providing more visual information. For example, using a heli-shot and showing the space in a wide way allows you to film the space from several different angles and in a wide way. The price of making promotional teasers The price of promotional teasers depends on the scenario you are going to make and depends on several factors, the most important of which are locations, cameras and filming equipment, stage accessories, behind-the-camera agents and the actors who are going to play. Final word: be purposeful in creating sharp advertisements! Successful advertising teasers are targeted and perfect in terms of advertising strategy. The best teasers have creative ideas and are well executed. If you are a producer or a customer, be careful that the main purpose of a teaser is to convey the advertising message to the audience in the first place. Sometimes a teaser can have only one message and sometimes several advertising messages for its audience. When the teaser has an advertising message, it usually directs all targeting and audience questions to the same advertising message. But when your teaser has several messages, you should measure the nature of the messages and use a creative strategy and scenario to introduce the messages in the teaser.

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