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website support The existence of a website is necessary for running a business online. But you should note that the existence of a professional site alone is not enough and in addition to the existence of a site, you should benefit from a professional webmaster and manager to support and manage the site and develop it. In the process of designing a website, a very important website is the support of that website. If you also know the benefits of website support, you will be looking for a supporter for your website in a short period of time. Designing a website is not your last job and you need a website supporter to maintain the quality and health of your website. Site support is different from online support. Online support refers to support services that are provided online through the Internet. But site support means maintaining and ensuring the proper functioning of a website. The benefits of website support are not few, and as a result, it improves and maintains the website's SEO, attracts audience satisfaction, and increases your sales. It can be safely said that after designing a website, the most important thing is to support that website. With a correct and appropriate support, the success of your website is guaranteed. Day by day, businesses are becoming online. A website has found a place for a company that customers and users expect to be able to access at any hour of the day or night. Static websites that have fixed pages require less support and maintenance than dynamic websites such as online stores. It may not be bad to look at a computer system as a living organism. On the birthday of a site, it may have limited features, during the development time, you will do more on it, the traffic and the number of users will increase. In the same way, advertising is done on the site as a business, permanent customers are created, and all this requires customer orientation and commitment from the business owner for this economic activity, and the proper functioning of the website is the first condition. It is. The importance of site support The question that arises here is that, why should we update our website at all?? We explain the answer to this question with an example, you consider a store, a person who enters the store as a customer (visitor on the site), seeing new products, is more encouraged to buy new products and Photo If the shopkeeper does not update his orders in the store, he will gradually lose his customers. Websites are also in exactly the same condition and visitors will get tired of it and will not return to your website after entering and viewing your website several times, if the content and contents of the website are not updated. Many websites ignore this task, but we must say that one of the biggest mistakes after the website is complete is not having an administrator and support for the site. A site needs to be serviced and updated from time to time. One of the most important issues that has a great impact on the ranking of sites in search results is the regular updating of sites. Recently, search engines have given great importance and priority to this issue and have made it one of the site ranking criteria. Also, if you use a banking portal on your website, it will be more necessary to maintain the security of your site. Therefore, updating the site, as well as updating its codes and using standard methods, can increase the security of your website, which is done by your site's support team. What does the support service of a site include? Today, website support is known as the first need of website managers and website design companies. The economic situation has always led private companies to reduce their costs. Every active website needs maintenance and website support is even more important than website design. When the design of the site is finished, then the site support team will solve the existing problems in case of errors. The uptime of the website depends on the status of the domain and hosting of the site as well as on the type of web design, and if any of these things are disturbed, your site may not be up anymore or you may encounter an error message. It is suggested to design your website as well as domain and hosting services to a data set so that if a problem occurs, the support team can fix it as soon as possible. The support and update services of each site depend on its facilities. Sites that have more visitors definitely need stronger support. Of course, this does not mean that other websites that do not rank high do not need support. Your website should always be like your showcase, displaying the best and highest quality services of your business. Let's remember that the end of the website design is not considered the completion of the work and is actually the beginning of our commitment. A website with any functionality has no value without content. In the site support process, the highest cost is related to adding website content. According to experts, website design is one thing and content production and SEO is another important principle in cyber space. The support of each site requires special skills, the key is in the possession of those who are proficient in programming codes, site analysis and content creation and optimization of your website. But website support also includes other things that we mention here: 1. Advice on choosing the best WordPress plugin and theme 2. Plugin error fix 3. PHP errors 4. Changes and fixing CSS problems in the template 5. Fix SEO errors in Webmaster Tools 6. Correcting problems related to user membership 7. Troubleshoot and fix the problems of the online store 8. Request to transfer the site to another server and related problems 9. Fixing errors related to right-alignment in the template and plugin 10. Checking the speed of the site and fixing the problems of late loading of the site 11. Appearance changes in menus and boxes and changes in the appearance and layout of pages 12. Localization, straightening of WordPress templates and plugins in different fields 13. Site analysis and WordPress troubleshooting Important points in choosing a support and website designer Unfortunately, business owners have little knowledge in technical fields and web technology. When ordering a website, due to the specialization of some issues, they do not have any elements to order and measure the final product, which is a website. Therefore, many people are looking for a cheap product. A product that is often provided by unprofessional people without proper and long-term support. A cheap product with no support can even be a barrier to the future development of a website. That is, the developer offers a weak and minimal product to the client using techniques that will have many problems for its development and improvement in the future. Imagine a web developer using a ready-made template that is encrypted. After some time, the website owner decides to change the design of that site without harming the links and contents of the current site and the work done for its SEO. But this lock or encryption can be a serious limitation for the website owner to further develop the site. In this case, the website owner must refer to the website designer, and if the designer does not have access to the encryption of the template, this is the end of the website's life. The design should be done on a new template that has been developed from scratch. Or, unfortunately, it often happens that customers contact us who are dissatisfied with the unofficial developer of their website and want to transfer the project to our company. But the developer of the website made an unethical resistance and did not give the important passwords of the website to the owner of the website or caused problems in this transfer. All this is because we have to take the first step of website development right. It means to choose an official company that, while having a clear history in this field, is accountable to the law in case of problems and guarantees the continuous presence of the website development company for the long-term future support of the website. Another consideration is the quality level of support you choose for your site. Of course, a website without support should be waiting for big and small problems to happen at any moment. In case of any problem, the only thing the website owner can do is to see the loss of customers and users of his site. Even if a website has support, but the support team does not perform well according to their duties, users and customers of that website periodically have to endure website problems for a few days; Because the support team does not have enough time, enough knowledge or enough experience to solve the problem of the site. In this way, the site users will get nothing but trouble, and on the other hand, the employer will get negative branding, which may be hidden from the eyes of some website owners.

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