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The Narenji team currently consists of people with experience in all fields of programming and design. It covers such as programming, SEO, website design, content writing, application design, digital marketing, etc.

With pride, Narenji Group is not only acknowledged as a leading producer of digital content but also as a creative community committed to delivering the best educational, advertising, and programming experiences to its audience. In the dynamic world of digital content, the Narenji Group is dedicated to producing standout content through educational courses, specialized videos, and programming in various fields. The belief that learning should be enjoyable serves as the cornerstone of our goals in providing educational and advertising services. From collaborating with experts and specialists to creating fresh and engaging content, at Narenji, we strive to foster a dynamic and motivational environment for learning.
In the realm of website design, Narenji Group focuses on unique user experience (UX) and responsive design. Our design team, utilizing the latest technologies and innovative design methods, crafts beautiful websites with unparalleled user-friendliness.
For better visibility, Narenji Group places special emphasis on optimizing search engines (SEO). From keyword analysis to content optimization, every step is taken to enhance the visibility of our websites in search results.
In programming, Narenji Group takes pride in its proficiency across various programming domains. Using modern languages and frameworks, our development team excels in creating high-performance websites and software, ranging from small projects to complex applications.
Moreover, Narenji Group leverages artificial intelligence to enhance its processes and services continually. This technology enables the team to innovate and deliver better experiences to its audience and collaborators.
Head Office: Iran - Mazandaran - Amol - Shomal University International Entrepreneurship Center - 4th Floor

tell: 09120884643
mobile: 09119171500

Why should you choose Narenji

Narenji has provided a complete package for you dear customers by bringing together a creative and experienced group in the fields of SEO, design, programming, content and photography.

Web design

Narenji has put responsive design as the first priority in its work agenda and has tried to display beauty in works by adding creativity.

Host and domain

Narenji is obliged to provide the appropriate domain and bandwidth based on the customer's needs.

Professional graphics

At Narenji we will design special images and logos according to the customer's request and in order to obtain her satisfaction as much as possible.


Narenji has made it possible to take professional photos or use Figma for initial design based on the customer's needs and requests.

Support and development

We at Narenji will be obliged to support and respond to you until the period specified in the contract in order to satisfy you as much as possible.


Our programming team at Narenji has been one of our most important strengths that we are proud of. Considering all aspects, our programmers will always try to create the highest level of security for your work.