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The team Narenji currently consists of 5 team count . Knowledge of our team members covers various areas such as programming, SEO, site design, content creation, mobile app design, Windows software and photography.

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Farzin Saravi

Farzin Saravi

one man army

Tael Ghobadi

Tael Ghobadi

content management

Sohrab Izadi

Sohrab Izadi

Content Writing

Why should you choose the Narenji group?

Narenji By bringing together a creative team of professionals in the field of S.E.O, design, programming, content and photography, complete package for you dear customers.

Web Design

Narenji The design of the responsive is a top priority on the agenda and with the addition of creativity has tried to show the beauty of the work in a tangible way.


Narenji is required to provide the appropriate domain and bandwidth according to the needs of the client.


We at Narenji according to the customer's request and in order to get more satisfaction, we will design the images and the special drawing for them.


Narenji makes it possible for them to take professional photographs according to the needs and demands of the client

Support and development

We are in Narenji in order to satisfy you as much as possible. Your loved ones will be responsible for supporting and responding to you within the time period specified in the contract.


Our programming team at Narenji is one of the most important things we can do for you. Our programmers will always try to create the highest level of security for your work with all aspects.