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C.R.M stands for Customer Relationship Management and its purpose is to manage the communication with customers and how to respond to their needs and requests in the best way and in the fastest and most convenient way possible.

This will make our business more successful. CRM is the strategy of how to interact and actively participate with customers. A successful CRM sees the business from the customer's point of view and considers the customer's experience in its planning. Looking from the customer's point of view will help you see the gaps and opportunities in your business and consider more effective strategies and processes for the organization. It should be considered that CRM is not just a software. As a fully automatic employee with high speed and without errors, your work process will be done exclusively by the Narenji team, and for years you can do your work with super high speed and with just a few clicks.

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We all know how much a strong and good relationship with website customers can help our website grow. If you have a good and strong CRM and even specialization with your work, you can easily monitor the behavior of customers and plan for their behavior and proceed according to the wishes and tastes of customers and increase your sales more than before. do. Many companies active in the field of information technology, CRM or customer relationship management know that it helps to automate marketing, sales and services; CRM with this definition is very close to the field of technology (this group is usually trying to buy customer relationship management software instead of establishing a customer relationship management system).
Another part of management activists emphasize that CRM is an attitude with emphasis on creating, maintaining, developing and deepening the relationship with customers. In this attitude, modern technologies may or may not be used. There are even books in the field of CRM that have not made any serious reference to the possibility of using technology in this field in order to emphasize the management aspects of customer relationship management. These people start defining the history of CRM and customer relationship management with the words of Peter Drucker: The goal of every business is to create and keep customers. This type of discussion is so serious that many books in the field of customer relationship management use such titles in their explanations to emphasize being moderate: CRM - A Balanced Approach or customer relationship management with a balanced view and Simultaneous attention to managerial aspects and technological aspects.

Four types of CRM are used in organizations:

Strategic CRM
Operational CRM
Analytical CRM
Interactive CRM

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How to implement CRM?

The implementation of the "CRM" system is much more than installing a "CRM" software and customizing it in a server or local environment. Success in the implementation of the "CRM" system requires modeling and re-engineering of organizational processes, analysis of requirements, setting goals and planning, as well as creating a culture in the organization. Web-based or local "CRM" software is just a tool to implement the customer relationship management system. In order to be useful, CRM software must be customized based on your needs and desires. Otherwise, if you buy and install the best "CRM" software in the world, like Microsoft, it will not be of any use to you.

Consider the following steps to have or program a CRM:
1. Recognition and evaluation
2. Process modeling
3. Determining goals and analyzing requirements
4. System design based on "CRM"
5. CRM development
6. Establishment and implementation

Finally, the "CRM" system is ready for launch after testing and final approval. Personnel training at the management and user levels takes place in this step. The training is started by holding a training workshop to prepare the personnel for the use of the system and the "CRM" training documents are provided to the users.

We at the Narenji team do everything you need to make it smart and implement all your work processes with a few simple clicks, and by achieving 0% error, your software will run without problems in the web or local environment. All the dedicated CRM software that is specially programmed for you will have guaranteed security and recovery or backup as long as you use the software.

Keep in mind that you can have the reports you need very quickly online anywhere in the world from your work organization and view the control of the work set on a monitor in real time.

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By creating a dedicated CRM, the speed of your work process will increase + your costs will decrease + your capital will increase + the special reports you need will have 0% error.

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