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What does admin mean? Every site needs support and content creation after design. However, different tasks can be defined for the site administrator. Website administrators usually have a thorough knowledge of site maintenance that helps the website function properly. Admin in English is admin (abbreviation of the word Administrator). It actually means manager. You must have heard the name admin many times (Instagram admin, site admin, etc.) in cyberspace, an admin is a person who is in charge of managing that site, group, channel or Instagram page. To select a site administrator, one should be more sensitive and accurate than to select a social network administrator, because the work space on the site and search engine is a wider space than in social networks, where most of the activities are known and we need it most of the time. It is for the admin so that he can spend more time on, for example, the Instagram page and design better graphic posts or do a bunch of other things that we can't or don't have the time to do, such as answering customers, but the site is much wider. And a site manager must have high knowledge to put your site in the best position in terms of diversity, which requires high knowledge and experience, of course, some things such as adding products can also be done by a novice admin, but adding Products are only part of site management. Site admin duties Admin jobs may include specialized areas based on the workplace. But basically, a site administrator is a person who can manage computer systems. But if we leave the discussion of the specialized section of the site admin. which is related to the website design company. The meaning of the website admin of a group or company is to hire a site manager. It means that a site manager has the task of coordinating and communicating with many people such as designers, content production team, SEO experts and other people. In fact, the site manager is responsible for coordinating all these people. In such a way that it should monitor the behavior and movements of people in each section that is in line with the set goals of the site. Basically, managing a website is a very sensitive task that must be mastered in all aspects of the work. The main responsibility of a site administrator is to maintain, support and update the website. Many times, managing a site requires a team with different expertise, such as writing, mastering technical matters, mastering Photoshop or content creation software, etc. The site administrator is responsible for coordinating and monitoring the implementation process of maintaining and updating the site. Job duties of the site administrator may be defined in different sections. From creating content or inserting it to updating plugins or updating the WordPress core (in the case of WordPress sites!) to fixing common problems that may occur on a website. In the following, we have explained these tasks separately. 1- Site and hosting support Every site needs a host to display its information. The host is actually a space where all information, including videos, photos, written content, etc., is stored there. One of the problems that may arise in the maintenance of a site is problems related to hosting. To solve possible problems, there should be a person responsible for following up and transferring things to the hosting company. The webmaster does this for you. He will be responsible for all cases, including follow-up on the need to renew the charge, increase space, backup, etc. 2- Site support and updates This mostly depends on your content management system. You may periodically need to update some items. Valid content management systems such as WordPress are constantly updated. To secure your site and WordPress, you need to use the right tools and follow many tips. At the same time, it is very important to keep the whole system up to date and perform regular updates, and this is another task of the site administrator or supporter. 3- Solving possible technical problems Any site may struggle with technical problems; But it should be noted that an experienced and skilled administrator is able to solve these problems easily. One of the problems that you may encounter as an uninformed person after updating WordPress plugins is plugin interference. An experienced administrator, with the knowledge he has in this field, can prevent such problems from occurring. In addition, many site owners set the update of WordPress plugins to automatic mode, not knowing that some plugins may cause problems after the update and completely destroy the structure of your site. ! Solving the technical problems of the site is one of the most important duties of a site administrator; Because the problem must be solved in the shortest possible time so that the site is ready to be used again. If we want to clarify the importance of this issue for you, we can mention the occurrence of such problems for an online store; Due to the fact that at any moment a customer may buy a product, not being fast enough to prepare the site can cause a lot of losses. 4- Taking a backup from the site Having a full backup of the site is the main guarantee of full recovery of your site after any problem and failure. In case you accidentally delete some important elements, a theme or plugin or module damages your site, or if your website is hacked, a backup copy of the site will help to restore the site after such problems occur. to R Return the wall before it. In fact, a website backup is a copy of all important files stored on the site somewhere outside of your main website. These days, all reputable hosting companies automatically back up the information of their customers' sites. However, before making the update changes, the site administrator should make a manual backup or compare the date of the last backup and the changes of the site in order to prevent data loss in case of problems. 5- SEO admin services and site content creation Content production and proper SEO ensure that a site has visitors. The number of content to be published on the site is determined at the discretion of the site SEO manager. Dedicated SEO projects usually require a detailed review to measure the competitors in the keywords desired by the employer (to be displayed on the first page). Website content production is very important and you should publish regular and regular articles related to your field of work before you act to provide advertisements or external SEO of the site. Create proper internal linking structure and optimize content based on SEO. Site admin fee Site admin according to the services he provides. And for what collection it does and how important it is. A different admin fee will be charged. This cost can be from one million to ten million depending on the working hours and level of the administrator. In general, many factors affect the site admin fee or site admin cost. Finally, it is completely different depending on whether the webmaster performs site admin operations with SEO or without SEO. • That your site is multilingual • Content published on the website in multilingual sites should be translated professionally or with the help of Google Translate. • What type of websites is your website: store website, service website, personal website, medical website, lawyers website, etc. • Publication of content in virtual networks should be published or not? • In the sites, the response is with the webmaster or not The importance of site admin You need a site administrator to maintain, update, and plan to attract more traffic, which leads to attracting more customers. In order to hire an admin or supporter of the site, first of all, you need to specify the task that the site administrator is responsible for during the month (in terms of updating content, inserting new content, fixing possible site errors, etc.) from the first day. An efficient admin can provide you with a correct report of site performance analysis in addition to fixing common problems. Also, he can fix errors and issues related to Google Webmaster, which is a good reference for measuring the site's status in terms of keywords. The role of the site administrator in the success of the site Therefore, a successful website in this system is a website that, like Google itself, is constantly updating and updating, as well as fixing errors and problems that exist on the website or may arise at any moment, and the performance of the site or a part of the site. to face the problem If your site is built with WordPress CMS, you may know that WordPress is one of the most up-to-date websites in the world because new features are constantly being created in this CMS and its current features that websites use to create a site from They use it and it is constantly being updated. Therefore, having an expert and an administrator of the WordPress site, in simple words, is very necessary for the development of our site, to fix errors and problems in WordPress, and to update plugins and essential WordPress items.

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