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Why is having a website important? In the world of technology and the internet of everyday life, having an attractive website can be one of the most important parts of any collection. A professional website can be your point of superiority over any competitor in your specific field of work. Your website should combine functionality with beauty and entice visitors to explore the pages. It is an act of fine-tuning between utility, aesthetics, and tangible results. Potential customers who search the Internet for your brand name and find nothing, may think that you are lagging behind in the new world of business. Or even if they search for them and find a below average website, they want the image that you are not promoting your company or product. Any kind of communication that is going to start on the site can be turned into a great and beneficial relationship with professional website design. What is website design? The creation and launch of websites that are accessible and visible to everyone on the global Internet is called website design. At the beginning of the Internet until a decade ago, most of the designers were designing brief websites for the Windows operating system. But in the last decade, website development on mobile systems is also a very important factor. A web designer works on the look, layout, and in some cases a website. For example, appearance refers to the colors, fonts, and images used, and refers to how information is structured and classified. A good website design should be easy for the user to use and also attractive in terms of aesthetics and should be designed according to the type of user who visits the site. Many web pages are designed with a simple design, so that no information or functionality appears that might distract or confuse users. How many types of sites do we have? Websites are divided into different categories according to their function and application, as well as the type of programming, which will be discussed below. Static website About important websites, the important thing is that this site is designed once and the necessary information is placed inside them, and then a professional or semi-professional website designer fixes them. The programming language that enhances such sites is HTML and JavaScript, which is also used in a more advanced version of CSS. These types of websites are designed with simple HTML. Since less code is used when developing static sites, they load faster. In addition, it reduces the size of the code, which on the one hand makes the site readable by search engines, and on the other hand, reducing the amount of loading increases its status in terms of search engine rankings. Fixed sites also have a lower design price than other sites. The impossibility of making changes in this type of sites by ordinary people, in addition to increasing security, will also benefit from graphics and beautiful appearance, because everything including text and images is fixed and all elements have fixed properties. You can choose the best place for each component. But on the other hand, it is not possible to make changes by ordinary people to update the owners and administrators of the site. Note. Static sites are suitable for individuals, companies and organizations that do not need to change the site more than once or twice a year. Dynamic website Dynamic sites have tools that can be changed by ordinary people with access to the site management system. The programming language of a dynamic website can be different according to the needs, but it is better to use ASP, ASP.Net and PHP, and use auxiliary languages CSS and Silver light or Ajax to create. In this type of site, the site structure is first created by a designer and then the site administrators change it. One of these dynamic sites is that there is no creation, change or deletion of content, images, pages, etc., due to the fact that dynamic sites use advanced programming languages, they have the possibility of creating many possibilities. They contain phrases for creating smart pages, complex forms and searches, as well as codes that slow down the loading and ranking of your website in search engines. Note. Dynamic sites are suitable for individuals, companies and organizations that need to change their site every year. Portals Portals are dynamic sites that serve a specific purpose on the site. In other words, a portal can be called a set of dynamic sites that are combined to achieve a specific goal. For example, a news portal may consist of a dynamic site that provides its administrators with any of their features, such as membership, posting, image posting, polling, and news, among others. Also, all the functions of a dynamic site can be implemented in a single portal. Note. Portals are bought by organizations, groups and companies. It is very difficult for one person to manage different parts of the portal due to the need for updates. Animated or flash sites Flash or mobile sites can be static or partially created using special software. In some cases from XML or Action Script to make changes or analytical capabilities in this

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