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The function of a corporate site is to have a permanent central office for companies to provide services to the public in all parts of the world and at all hours of the day and night. Usually, all large companies and factories have a central office for the reference of their customers and parties.

acquiring company website

What is a corporate site?

In general, a company website is a platform on the Internet for your business, through which you can show your products or services to customers without time and place restrictions and introduce your company and products or services to others. . By doing this, the number of your customers will increase because you can receive visits from all over Iran for your company website and make your company brand known.
Currently, most factories, workshops and reputable companies have designed a corporate website for their brand or purchased a corporate website through the website. It should be mentioned that you can compete with all your colleagues by designing a professional corporate website.


Buying a corporate site

The website is no longer just a www to have prestige on your company's business card. Rather, it is the basic method of introducing your company's products and services. Your main marketing channel and the most effective step for branding your company. For a long time, the role of corporate website design is no longer limited to informing and introducing the catalog and simply covering the news and events of your company. But beyond that, the company's website can be the operator of specific interactions with customers, many common processes between your company and your customers become online and electronic, and the purchase or sale of goods and services takes place online. In addition, your company's website can play a strong role in the recruitment of human resources and by introducing the company's work environment and the advantages of the organizational culture, in the specific job positions that you are looking for, job seekers who search for jobs in Google, having reached the mentioned pages, prompts to complete the resume review request form. So, if your look at the functions of a website is deeper than a superficial impression, you should realize more than ever the importance of choosing the right consultant and designer's technical executive, to establish a long-term, stable and lasting relationship.
  In fact, the function of a corporate website is to have a permanent central office for companies to provide services to the public in all parts of the world and at all hours of the day and night. Usually, all large companies and factories have a central office for the reference of their customers and parties. Now, this office can be inside the company or factory or a separate building outside the company and factory and have a management room, sales management, secretary, accounting, etc.
But all customers and clients who need your services cannot visit your office and company in person due to various reasons such as distance, working time, lack of vehicles, quarantine, uneconomical presence, etc. By designing a corporate website for your company or factory, you will easily solve all these problems.
Designing a corporate website allows you to be in touch with all your users, customers and contract parties and to reach more customers.


   Corporate website design

Having a corporate website is essential for all businesses. It will be impossible to start the business activities of companies without entering the big digital world and designing a corporate website! Surely, as a business owner, you have also felt this need and are looking for an order to build a professional corporate website.


What businesses need a corporate website?

In general, businesses that provide a service or companies that work on the sale of one or more specific products and are importers of those products need to build a corporate website to be seen better. Many companies may not know the services or products they offer or sell to the general public and do not know exactly what that product or service is, in such a situation a corporate website can be very useful for business and customers. present to you.
In addition to the above, if a person wants to get a service or a product, the first thing he does is search it on Google to get what he wants. Here, if you have done SEO on your site, that is, your company website is optimized for a search engine such as Google, customers can find you very quickly, provided that you have chosen the right keyword and your site's link is in the positions placed above


What are the advantages of buying a corporate website?

One of the most important advantages of designing a corporate website and buying a website is that your business will leave the limits. Normally, you are limited by time and place to sell your products and services, which means that if you are not present in the company and on top of your work, there is no income. But with corporate website design, you are no longer limited by time and place. And you can earn money even when you have no useful activity.
Also, issues such as branding and increasing the reputation of the company, increasing sales and customers through the company website, knowing the needs of users and solving problems, speeding up the response and attracting customers, saving money by having a company website and upgrading the level of the company, are among the other benefits of buying a company website

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