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What is graphic design? For many people, the term graphic design evokes an interesting field or job full of creativity and color. Of course, this definition and association is not far from the expectation and reality of this field. But if we want to look more closely, we can say that graphic design is the art of creating visual content to connect with the audience. Graphics is derived from the Greek word graphikos. This means that graphics is a visual display on a surface. such as walls, papers, computer screens, or even a stone, etc., where there is some kind of information, portraiture, or entertainment. From a technical point of view, we can say that graphic design is the art of visual communication through textual images, symbols and works of art, which is the responsibility of a graphic designer; In fact, graphic design emerged and was talked about when these people shared their abilities with us. We must say that graphic design is not something that has emerged in recent years, but it existed in the past, but today it has reached its peak. In the business world, creating or shaping the visual identity of a business group using type, space, image and color is called graphic design. Why is graphic design important? After the invention of the computer and its entry into human life, almost most areas underwent changes; The world of graphics did not benefit from these changes either. Today, the beginning of the era of graphic design is considered parallel to the birth of the computer. As the world of technology and technology became more advanced, graphic works were published with more elegance and accuracy. By increasing the access of the people of the society to such technologies, the field of familiarizing them with the world of design and graphics became more possible and found more enthusiasts. Graphics are one of the important and inseparable parts of the advertising and marketing industry due to stimulating the emotions of different people and conveying diverse messages in a creative way. The applications of graphics are very diverse. Some of these applications are: • logo • Magazine and book page layout • Signs and symptoms • Mobile or computer websites and applications • designing the business card • Office sets • Packaging and labeling of products • Covers of books and magazines • Infographics • Software user interface • Poster and announcement design The importance of graphic design is not only limited to the above. It is really hard to imagine a world without diversity and creativity. By adding elements such as color, line, shape and most importantly, creativity to our lives, graphics have made the meaning of life more attractive. Think for a few moments that you are imprisoned in a world without designs and colors, without images and visual arts. Such a world is definitely intolerable. Cities, textbooks and magazines, websites and the internet where we spend most of our time every day, all look more beautiful with graphics. The position of graphic design in today's world In the 1970s, this profession became so important and developed that eventually graphic design became a part of the money business world. All organizations and institutions and companies and even local and very small businesses found themselves in need of a visual identity. In this way, graphic designers were gradually called to work for marketing products and services and creating images and beautifying the brand of a business. Graphic design is more important today than before. With the growth of the Internet and other virtual spaces, online presence is not a possibility but a necessity. In today's digital space, brands have very little opportunity to be seen. In fact, either your brand will attract the audience at first glance or it will lose its chance in the competition. Designing an attractive logo, visual identity and poster are important parts of an effective marketing plan. Take a step forward by entrusting your graphic design projects to professional graphic artists. What is the work of graphic designers? Graphic designers create visual concepts using computer software or by hand. With this work, they try to implement their inspiring ideas and use them in informing and communicating with consumers and beautifying the surrounding world. They design and develop the visual identity of large and small companies and institutions. Creating a beautiful world is one of the missions of a graphic designer. The ultimate goal of a graphic designer is to make the business they work for stand out with their designs and it also helps in building brand awareness. They share the idea or identity of the brand in advertisements using text, images and various elements. Elements in graphics can include font, size, shape and appearance, color, print design, photography, animation, logo and billboard. Graphic designers often collaborate on projects with other graphic designers, digital marketing specialists, animators, programmers, video directors, and web designers. When using text in layouts, they work closely with copywriters and decide what words will be included in the banners. Graphic design tools There are different tools that graphic designers use. Usually they work with graphic design software. Adobe Creative Suite is a standard tool for all graphic designers. Other common graphics tools available to graphic designers include: • Photoshop • Illustrator • InDesign Learning to work with these tools is very easy, as there are many free tutorials and articles on the web for them, and their own website is a good reference for learning. What do graphic designers deal with? As we mentioned in the previous section, tools The main elements of graphic design are images and typography. Another tool is used in this field, which we will briefly define these three tools in the rest of the article. Pictures Images or generally a set of visual arts that are used in graphic works in the way of photography or imaging are included in the main tools of graphic works. This tool covers a large part of the graphic design process and is very important. typography A graphic designer uses typography tools to add appeal to a design or convey an independent message to an audience. This tool refers to the process of setting, arranging and designing letters Layout One of the tasks that a graphic designer is very good at is page layout. Page layout means setting different elements on a page that must be printed or published. Studying in the field of graphic design and future job If you study graphic design or learn it by yourself, you can get one of the following job titles in the future. • Manager of Creative Teams – You can manage a creative team whose work is product design, execution of advertising campaigns and visual images. • Art Manager – You can manage a team of artists and illustrators to deliver clients' work on time. • Art Production Manager – You can manage art production teams with a focus on improving efficiency and reducing costs. • Packaging Designer – You can design packages for physical products. • Brand Identity Designer – You can design brand identity for different organizations. • Logo designer - you design a logo for the organization and business according to the work and brand identity. Of course, brand identity and logo design are two separate categories and you can use each of them in other designs. • User interface designer – in the design of websites, you can design the user interface. • Web designer - graphic designers can design the website according to their artistic and creative vision. • Content production - depending on the type of graphic artist's activity, he can also produce visual and video content. Graphic design order Currently, many graphic designers are working in the internet space, who provide their services to customers with different quality and level of work. Considering the expansion of internet businesses, especially in the field of graphic design and content production, perhaps the easiest platform and the most measurable platform to find a capable graphic designer is the internet platform. There are many sites that provide graphic design services. 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