Graphic design in Babol
2023 Nov 04

Graphic design in Babol

Are you looking for graphic design in babol? Although graphic design has historical roots, generally after the invention of the computer and its entry into human life, the world of graphic design entered a new era. Today, the beginning of the era of graphic design is considered parallel to the birth of the computer. babol, as a leading city in the field of graphic design, was strongly affected by this historical development, and the role of graphic design in babol was seen more and more over time in the public and virtual spaces of the city.

2023 Sep 12

graphic design in Babolsar

As a tourist and academic city, Babolsar has made a progressive move towards the creative use of graphic design, and graphic design in Babolsar is creatively displayed in every part of this city and in its public space. On the other hand, like the rest of the world, as the world of technology and technology became more advanced, graphic design in Babolsar was published with more elegance and precision. Finally, due to the increased access of the people of the society to the technologies of this field, their familiarity with the world of design and graphics became more accessible and more enthusiasts turned to graphic design in Babolsar.

graphic design in Babolsar

graphic design in Chamestan
2023 Aug 04

graphic design in Chamestan

Graphic design in Chamestan, with a modern attitude provided by the advancements of the digital world, creates and creates works that can help to deliver special and necessary goals and messages in various fields. Also, in the field of advertising, in Chamestan, we are witnessing the emergence of graphic design more and more everywhere in this city

2023 Aug 04

Graphic design at Amol

Graphic design in Amol, Amol is a city full of different jobs and businesses. From large industrial factories to small workshops that are the moving engine of the industrial sector in the north of the country. Along with all this, micro businesses and the field of daily life services of citizens are also very dynamic and developing in a highly competitive environment. All these have joined hands to make graphic design in Amol an integral part of this competition and development process.

Graphic design at Amol

Graphic design in Mahmoud Abad
2023 Aug 04

Graphic design in Mahmoud Abad

Are you looking for graphic design in Mahmoudabad? Know that this field, graphic design, has penetrated deeply into the daily life of citizens. For example, if you walk in the city of Mahmud Abad, just turn your gaze left and right, then you will see a series of signs and graphic designs on shop doors and billboards.

2023 Aug 04

graphic design in Shomal

Graphic design is active in the Shomal, especially in the field of advertising, in order to identify art and message in the mind of the audience. Graphic design in the Shomal is rooted in the attractiveness of the image for the audience, and this attractiveness also has psychological and historical roots. In general, visual appeals are always an effective tool to achieve a certain goal in any field. In the field of graphic design in the Shomal, these attractions help designers to draw the audience's attention to a specific topic.

graphic design in Shomal

Graphic Design

The term "graphic design" evokes an exciting and creative field filled with colors and imagination for many people. However, this perception is not far from the reality of this profession. To delve more precisely, graphic design is the art of creating visual content to establish a connection with the audience. The word "graphic" is derived from the Greek word "graphikos," meaning visual representation on a surface. This surface can be walls, papers, computer screens, or even a stone, where some form of information, illustration, or entertainment is present.

Graphic design is not a recent development; it has existed in the past but has reached its pinnacle today. In the business world, creating or shaping the visual identity of a commercial entity, using typography, space, image, and color, is referred to as graphic design.

Why is Graphic Design Important?

The era of graphic design is considered to have begun with the simultaneous rise of computers. As technology advanced, graphic works became more sophisticated and precise. With increased access to technology, people's familiarity with the world of design and graphics became more accessible, attracting more enthusiasts. Graphic design, due to its ability to evoke emotions and convey diverse messages in a creative way, is an integral part of the advertising and marketing industry.

The applications of graphic design are highly diverse, including:
- Logo design
- Magazine and book layout
- Signs and symbols
- Websites and mobile or computer applications
- Business card design
- Office stationery sets
- Product packaging and labels
- Book and magazine covers
- Infographics
- Software user interfaces
- Poster and announcement design

The importance of graphic design extends beyond these applications. Imagining a world without diversity and creativity is truly challenging. Graphic design has made our lives more attractive by adding elements such as color, line, shape, and, most importantly, creativity. Consider a moment living in a world without designs, colors, images, and visual arts—it would be intolerable. Cities, textbooks, magazines, and the internet, where we spend most of our daily hours, all look more appealing with beautiful graphics.

The Role of Graphic Design in Today's World:

From the past to the present, graphic designers have gradually been employed to market products, create images, and beautify the brand of a business. Graphic design is more important than ever today. With the growth of the internet and the digital space, being online is not just an opportunity but a necessity. In today's digital space, brands have very little opportunity to be seen. In fact, either your brand attracts the audience at first glance, or you risk losing your chance in the competition. Designing an attractive logo, visual identity, and posters are essential parts of an effective marketing plan. Entrusting your graphic design projects to professional graphic designers is a step forward.

What Graphic Designers Do:

Graphic designers create visual concepts using computer software or by hand. They strive to implement their inspirational ideas and contribute to informing and communicating with consumers. They are responsible for designing and developing the visual identity of companies, institutions, and businesses, both large and small. Creating a beautiful world is one of the missions of a graphic designer.

The ultimate goal of a graphic designer is to highlight the business they work for with their designs and contribute to brand awareness. They share ideas or brand identity in advertisements using elements such as text, images, and various graphic elements. Elements in graphics can include fonts, size, shape and appearance, color, print design, photography, animation, logos, and billboards. Graphic designers often collaborate with other graphic designers, digital marketing specialists, animators, programmers, video directors, and web designers on projects. When using text in layouts, they collaborate closely with copywriters and decide on the words to be placed in banners.

Graphic Design Tools:

There are various tools that graphic designers use, primarily working with graphic design software. Adobe Creative Suite is a standard tool for all graphic designers. Other common tools in graphics available to designers include:

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign

Learning to use these tools is relatively easy due to the abundance of guides and free articles available on the web, and the websites of the tools themselves are excellent resources for learning.

What Graphic Designers Work With:

As mentioned earlier, the main tools in graphic design are images and typography. Another tool used in this field is briefly defined below.


Images, or visual arts created through photography or imaging techniques, are essential tools in graphic design. This tool encompasses a significant part of the graphic design process and is crucial.


Graphic designers use typography as a tool to add attractiveness to a design or convey an independent message to the audience.


One of the skills that graphic designers possess is layout design. Layout design involves arranging various elements and components on a page intended for printing or publication.

Education in Graphic Design and Future Careers:

If you study graphic design or learn it on your own, you can have various future job titles, such as:

  • Creative Team Manager: Manage a creative team responsible for product design, executing advertising campaigns, and visual imagery.

    Art Director
  • Manage groups of artists and illustrators to deliver timely work for clients.

    Production Art Manager
  • Manage teams producing artistic work, focusing on improving efficiency and reducing costs.

    Package Designer
  • Design physical product packaging.

    Brand Identity Designer
  • Design brand identities for different organizations.

    Logo Designer
  • Design logos for organizations and businesses. Note that brand identity and logo design are two separate concepts, and you can use each in the design of the other.

    UI/UX Designer
  • Design the user interface for websites.

    Web Designer
  • Graphic designers, with their artistic and creative perspectives, can design websites.

    Content Producer
  • Depending on the graphic designer's activity, they can also be visual and video content producers.

Ordering Graphic Design:

In the online space, many graphic designers offer their services, providing various levels of quality and work. Given the expansion of online businesses, especially in the field of graphic design and content production, the easiest and most measurable platform for finding a skilled graphic designer may be the internet. There are many websites providing graphic design services, and the Orange Group design team is also fully prepared to provide you with what you need in an ideal and committed manner.

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