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CMS or content management system, in fact, software that simplifies all the complexities of programming and allows users to write articles and upload photos on their website without knowing anything about programming. . and write Manage your website in general. In fact, if there is no CMS software, you have to learn programming language to write on the website and enter the necessary commands in the form of code to make the smallest changes!

content management system (CMS)

What is a content management system (CMS)?

Content Management System is a program with the help of which we can publish, edit, organize, delete and maintain the produced content. All these matters that were mentioned are among the content management tasks. Imagine that you want to create a site and place text and images on it; Or even sell a product in it. How to start this site?!
If you think that you know nothing about the world of computers and coding, don't worry! Before us, some people have thought of a solution and designed a CMS platform. An intermediary that has greatly simplified the work of designing a website and publishing content. Most of the time, people turn to using CMS when they do not have enough skills in using programming languages or there is no time for dedicated coding. For this reason, instead of coding and designing a personalized website, they use these types of ready-made systems.
CMS, or content management system, is actually a software that simplifies all the complexities of programming and allows users to write articles, upload photos and upload photos to their website without knowing anything about programming. Manage your website in general. In fact, if there was no CMS software, each person would have to learn a special programming language to write on the website and enter the necessary commands in the form of code to make the smallest changes! Or hire a professional programmer for this job.


What are the benefits of CMS?

  •  No need for programming knowledge

All kinds of cms and content management systems help you create and manage content, customize website design, install various plugins to add additional features, etc., without the need for programming knowledge. As a result of this, you can build a powerful website for your business without the need for technical knowledge and in the least amount of time.

  • easy usage

One of the most important reasons that encourage users to use different types of cms is that multiple clients can access and use it simultaneously. This means that you can simultaneously generate content, implement security protocols, add custom code to your template, and most importantly, all of these activities can be done on a single landing page. Unit should be done. This will help you to improve the work process and increase the productivity of your team.

  •  Helping SEO performance by using various content management systems

A variety of store cms offers built-in features and numerous plugins to help you optimize your site for search engine rankings. In addition to all these things, by using these tools, you can enter things like customizing the page title and meta description, choosing URL structures suitable for SEO, creating a site map, adding image alt and other relevant features to image content, correct and basic linking. Achieve feed navigation, page load time optimization, and more

  •  Pre-designed themes and templates

Types of content management system sites such as WordPress have predefined templates and patterns that help you design and personalize your site more quickly.


History and introduction of general CMS types

The first content management system in the world that allowed users to create websites was Geo Cities; This system was launched around 1999 and 2000. But gradually after this and with the development of coding technologies and programming languages, more powerful content management systems such as Joomla and Drupal were launched.
At that time, maybe everyone thought that Joomla CMS was going to become the most powerful CMS in the world, but suddenly a system named WordPress came into existence and upset all the equations and until today it has stolen the competition from all other content management systems. .
In addition to these, other content management systems are used on the web, but the more we look at the statistics, we see that practically most of them are disappearing due to the growth of the WordPress market;


What kind of sites can be designed with CMS?

You see, when you install a content management system like WordPress on a host, you have a raw site. A site that has a very simple template and you can use it only as a blog site. But what turns this site into an online store, news site, etc., is the template and plugins you will install on it.
This means you can go to template store sites, buy a news template and turn your site into an online news agency! Practically, the existence of a large number of templates and plugins allows us to create such sites with the help of CMS:

  • shopping website
  • News magazine
  • Blog or personal
  • Selling training courses
  • Corporate site or catalog


What points should be considered when choosing a CMS for website design?

When choosing a website design CMS, here are some of the most important features to consider:

  • Pricing

Every website design CMS has its associated costs. Some are free and open source, but you have to pay to host them. With others, you may need to purchase software from the company that creates the website design CMS.
Support and customer experience: Some tools are open source and do not have centralized support options, including While others come with 24/7 support - make sure you understand what you're getting.

  • SEO

It is important that the software you choose provides you with the tools to rank in Google and other web design search engines.

  • Personalization

For business use cases, choosing a website design CMS that allows you to personalize visitor experiences can help you improve your marketing and conversion rates.

  • Ease of Use

If you're not a web design developer, you'll want to choose a tool that's easy to use without any web design development knowledge.

  • Security

With some CMS website design tools, you are responsible for the security of your website design, while others manage it for you.


Misconceptions about CMS

  Many people think that using a specific CMS will make their website successful. If this issue has nothing to do with the system you are using. A quality system will undoubtedly help you manage things, but your success depends on the quality of content, service, marketing and other factors. Another common misconception about content management systems is that you don't need a web developer or programmer to use them. In order to have an advanced and professional site, it is necessary to have these skills along with management systems.

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