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aking an Instagram promotional teaserThe world of advertising underwent a significant transformation with the entry of virtual space into the arena. If before that you only saw advertisements on the door and wall of the city

Making comercial teasers for instagram

Making an Instagram promotional teaser

The world of advertising underwent a significant transformation with the entry of virtual space into the arena. If before that you only saw advertisements on the door and wall of the city or on big banners and billboards, but now every personal page in the virtual space has become a highly productive advertising space. Perhaps before the advent of social networks, especially Instagram, the most trusted advertising platform was television advertising. But now the game has changed and advertising has taken a new form. One of the most important methods in modern advertising is the creation of an Instagram advertising teaser, which we will discuss more in this article.


The fields of making Instagram promotional teasers

Instagram has created an important platform for advertising in several ways. At first, there are pages that provide products or services that need advertising and visibility. Such pages definitely want to be seen more and better by making Instagram advertising teasers. Therefore, one of the main areas that make Instagram suitable for creating advertising teasers are the sales and product pages or providing services.
  On the other hand, many pages that are at the beginning of their journey, in order to grow faster and be seen on Instagram, with the aim of gaining more followers, advertise on larger pages. This type of advertisement is generally in the form of a video and prepares the platform for the development of promotional teasers on Instagram.


Why make an Instagram advertising teaser?

A lot of research has been done on the influence of advertisements and Instagram content in general on the audience, which examines the audience's behavior towards the content in detail and tells you what level a content should be before the audience rejects it. For example, see a few seconds of it. The precise behavioral analysis of the audience is aimed at finding a basic solution to grow Instagram pages as much as possible and to increase the views and sharing of the produced content. Among the results obtained from such studies, it has been determined that video advertisements, if done in an attractive and principled way, will definitely have an important effect on the audience and will lead to an increase in the chances of the advertisement affecting the target community. Making advertising teasers is much more efficient than Instagram advertising banners due to the more possibilities that exist to create attractiveness in it. Therefore, it is possible to justify the creation of advertising teasers on Instagram with its high effectiveness, the possibility of sharing it more and the video-oriented nature of Instagram, and the higher chances of video content growth in Explorer.


Important points in making Instagram promotional teasers

  •  Know your target community

First, you need to know which Instagram audience you are creating content for. If you don't know your target community, no matter how much you spend and how creative you spend, you may not match the tastes of your target audience, and the target audience will reject the advertising content prepared by you in less than a few seconds, and your efforts for to be seen in the wind

  •  Creativity

In the Instagram environment, where a large amount of content is being produced daily, the competition to attract the audience is getting harder and harder every day, and it can be said that the only distinguishing factor between the winners and losers of this unseen competition is the creativity factor. To create an Instagram advertising teaser, always refer to people who are familiar with the most up-to-date content production standards on Instagram. Otherwise, your cost will not have a proportional return

 Conciseness and eloquence

Maybe during the day when you are surfing on Instagram, pay attention to the fact that you reject a lot of Instagram content in a fraction of a second and you don't even give it a short chance to attract your attention! It is a fact that on Instagram, even for every hundredth of a second of content, there should be a plan. Especially for the beginning of each teaser, which plays an essential role in encouraging the audience to watch the teaser. Apart from this, if the audience is initially attracted to your content, they may spend a few seconds watching it and skip it. That is why it is important to convey your advertising message in the most concise way possible.

  •  Using trendy and up-to-date elements

Music, image, narrative, lifestyle, story, news, etc., whatever is of interest to people at the time of making and broadcasting the clip, can be a subject to attract the audience and draw them towards your advertising content. So, make sure to pay attention to using up-to-date and trending elements when making Instagram promotional teasers.

  •  Use a professional editor

Ultimately, the person who determines the attractiveness of your advertising content is its editor. A good editor can make interesting content even with low quality videos. But a bad editor will turn even the best pictures and videos recorded with professional cameras into boring content. So, in making an Instagram advertising teaser, pay attention to hiring an editor.


How to order the production of an Instagram advertising teaser?

The field of content production has expanded a lot these days and many people are working in this field after learning the principles of editing and producing Instagram content. But your professional needs will be met only by professionals. People who have enough experience in this field and by presenting a strong resume, convince you that they have the ability to create a high return for the money you spend. With an experienced team of editors and content producers, Orange Group is ready to provide any services in the field of making Instagram promotional teasers.

2023 Jun 29

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