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To produce unique content, the author must have creative and valuable ideas and at the same time do his studies and research in compliance with copyright laws to avoid providing copied content.If you do not have the necessary standards in your content, it will lower your rank in Google. So if you want to attract many users and your rank in Google is higher, you must produce unique content.

Unique content production

Unique content production 

Creating unique content means creating original and unique content for websites, blogs, social media or any other digital content. In other words, content that has not been published elsewhere and contains new and useful information that helps readers gain new information or solve problems.

Creating unique content is now very important for businesses because it attracts informed traffic, increases credibility for the website and ultimately, increases sales. Also, creating unique content improves search engine optimization (SEO) and can be very useful for improving the ranking of web pages in search engines such as Google.

To produce unique content, the author must have creative and valuable ideas and at the same time do his studies and research in compliance with copyright laws to avoid providing copied content.

If you do not have the necessary standards in your content, it will lower your rank in Google. So if you want to attract many users and your rank in Google is higher, you must produce unique content. By producing unique content, you can also attract many users. Attract and increase your ranking in Google

What does unique content mean? 

The word "Unique" is translated as "unique". In general, unique is something that is unique and special and does not exist anywhere else.

Unique content is content that is not copied from another site or source, and its sentences are completely fresh and new. Of course, someone who produces content is not supposed to write all the content focusing on his own knowledge. He can see other sources (Persian or Latin) and get ideas from them, but he should not copy the content of those sources in his own content.

Unique content is divided into two categories: authored content (newly written) and rewritten content. One of the questions that is usually raised is whether the rewritten content is considered unique. The answer is yes; Because when we are rewriting, only the concept of our content is the same as other content, but the way of expression, tone, titles, content structure, phrasing, and the words we choose are different from other content.

Google and rewritten content 

Despite the fact that completely unique content is much more valuable than rewritten content, Google considers rewritten content as non-copy and has no particular problem with them. Of course, provided that you have really taken the time to rewrite and changed all the sentences of the original articles. Also, convert the used words into their equivalents as much as possible.

Remember that the way Google Panda detects duplicate content is based on how similar the sentences are to each other. So, in rewriting articles, the more you change the sentences and words, the more you make your site away from danger. Of course, Panda's algorithm is a little weak in recognizing Persian content; But again, we should never accept the risk of copy contents.

How to write unique content?


The first way to write valuable and high-quality content is to study a lot. You must acquire a lot of information through books, domestic and foreign websites and write a valuable content.

Creativity and knowledge 

But I have to tell you that having a lot of information is not enough. In addition to a lot of information, you must also be creative.

You have to write simple and clear content and convey the concept to the user. It is also very important to use knowledge and experience in writing an essay.

Ask yourself 

To write a good article, the opening paragraph is important, so you should engage your thoughts and start the first paragraph of your article in the best way, for example, a plan or a good question can attract your audience and make the audience read this Compress the article.

Have a unique title 

Even by producing unique content, you should not have copy titles. If you use copy titles, your content is still a copy in the eyes of Google. Therefore, you must create titles using your knowledge. The first thing that your audience sees is the title of the article. Sometimes the audience only reads the headlines. So you must write something that engages the mind of the audience.

  • Try to keep your title under 8 words.
  • Do not use complex and difficult words.
  • Write as short sentences as possible and do not use extra words.
  • The title should be an explanation of the whole article.
  • Observe readability to write a unique article


How important is unique content to Google?


Fresh and original content is so important to Google that it will increase your ranking significantly just because of it. On the other hand, if it finds out that you have used copied content on your pages, it will penalize you seriously. Even if the amount of duplicate content exceeds a ceiling, your site may be penalized! Penalty means to be completely removed from Google results (i.e. you will not be shown even in low ranks).

The effect of unique content on website seo

Now that we are familiar with the concept of unique content, it is time to know its important effect. Without exaggeration, the most important impact of unique content is on website SEO. In order for a website to be optimized for search engines, it is necessary to work on its main part; And that is nothing but content.

  1. One of the most effective types of content is the use of unique content. Unique content with its capabilities and features is considered the best type of content for search engines. The process is like this, when the user searches about a topic on Google It means, search engine will display content that is unique above other content.

Therefore, by following the principles of SEO in content creation, brilliant results can be achieved. When you set aside a significant budget for specific content, you'll be far ahead of your potential competitors.

  1. The second effect is to realize the result of using copy content. One of the worst things that can happen to a website is for a search engine to flag that content as duplicate and get hit with the DMCA. If you don't know what the DMCA is, it's actually the Digital Millennium Copyright Act by which Google penalizes cheaters and those who provide copycat content.
  2. When you, as a content producer or business owner, try to produce unique content, you are actually creating value for your audience. The audience is tired and saddened by repetitive, absurd and non-useful content that the author had no understanding of; And it is only a clumsy rewriting of other people's content that does not add anything to the audience.

The audience searches for answers to their questions, problems and concerns on Google, and if they encounter weak and worthless content, they leave the website very quickly. The purpose of creating content should be to help the audience; Don't just think about your own benefit and how to get yourself on the first page with fraudulent shortcut methods. See these two articles: What is Content Rewriting and What is Poor Content?

  1. By using more sustainable content styles such as green content, you can produce unique content that is searched for in the long term; and to attract the satisfaction of search engines and audiences at the same time. To learn more about what is evergreen content, visit the article.

Valuable and quality content provides the opportunity to create interactive and viral content and challenge the audience. What is interactive content? Content that can attract the most feedback from the audience; Definitely, such content should be special and unique. What is viral content? Content that is attractive and special and can become popular in a short period of time.

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