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Videos are one of the types of content production that have the most power in user engagement and can expand your business significantly. There are many successful businesses that have considered the importance of video and have started producing visual content. Videos can have a greater impact on people by using words, images or even music, and in this way, they will remain in people's minds for a longer period of time.

Video content production

What is video content production?

Video content production or video marketing is a method in which video content is used to advertise and market a business's product or service. Also, the production of video content increases the interaction of brands and businesses with their audience in digital channels and social networks. Businesses introduce their products and services by producing videos in order to increase their customers. The production of video content is closely related to internet marketing, where you can get more information about online marketing.


The importance of video content production

In the past years, video content production was one of the types of content production services that attracted the attention of many users. Video content is very common in social networks such as Instagram, which today has many users and is a part of businesses.

Videos are one of the types of content production that have the most power in user engagement and can expand your business significantly. There are many successful businesses that have considered the importance of video and have started producing visual content. Currently, about one million people use YouTube to watch videos during the day. Videos can have a greater impact on people by using words, images, or even music, and in this way, they will remain in people's minds for a longer period of time.

Today, creating creative and professional teasers has become one of the most effective factors in attracting customers. As the manager of a collection, you should know that due to the existence of competition in the business market, only a successful brand will be able to convey its message to the audience through advertising better than other collections.

Teasers are usually very useful for introducing products or services. To produce a teaser, you need an experienced staff for filming and editing in order to introduce your product and services in a complete, comprehensive and short way. Teaser is a style of advertising in which to increase the attention and mental involvement of the audience, it is used to stimulate his curiosity.

This type of video content production, which lasts between one and five minutes, can show the product to the audience in the best possible way. According to the research and studies, 78% of users get more traffic after using video content in their social networks.

Video content production cost

Considering that there are different platforms for creating video content, if you are not up-to-date in this field, you will miss golden opportunities. The cost of producing video content is higher than other types of content due to features such as video editing, dubbing, etc., but it can have more efficiency and feedback. Of course, there are many ways to optimize content production costs, which the Orange team will consider for its services.


Why do we need to produce video content?

As you know, content production takes place in different and diverse formats, all of which seek a specific and identical goal, but to get better results, it is necessary to use a variety of content production methods and formats for business and brand, but you should know that One of the most attractive and popular content is video content, which can be said to be the need of every business and brand. The production of video content has many benefits for virtual sites and programs such as Instagram, and considering that most people do not have the time or patience for They don't have to read text content and captions. Creating video content is one of the best options to get the satisfaction of the audience and communicate better with them.

Advantages of video content production

  • Higher conversion rates

One of the successes that introduces a brand and company to a wider audience and makes their business and services more known is online marketing, which can be said to be the best option to attract customers who like the business and brand. It introduces people in a more transparent way.

Keeping in mind that producing quality video content is not an easy task and it takes time, so the sooner you start producing video content, the faster you can step ahead of your competitors and make significant progress.

  • Better emotional connection

If you pay attention and with a simple statistic, you will come to the fact that video content is shared much more than other content, and it can be said that one of the main reasons for this is that people communicate better with video content, which is directly related to a person's feelings. .

  • Increase accessibility

In the past years, the production of video content was very difficult and expensive, but now with the advancement of technology, it is possible to produce quality video content with the lowest cost and facilities, and businesses and brands can use video content production to achieve their goals more than in the past. pay yourself

  • Increasing the level of stronger participation

According to the researches, visual contents are able to engage the mind of the audience just like textual contents, and it can even be said that the percentage of this influence is higher in visual contents, but this issue is not only related to visual contents, but also includes video contents. So that the chance of sharing your video content is 10% more than other content.

  • Reducing content copying

As you know, copying Text content is very simple, but copying and using video content is a relatively difficult task, and the amount of video content produced is special and unique, the probability of copying is also reduced, and it can even be increased by using some tricks. As little as possible.

  • Better performance in SEO and site ranking improvement

Some may think that text content is the only one that results in better SEO performance and better ranking in Google due to the SEO of keywords, but this is a completely wrong belief because every day we see the progress of Google search engines and now Google is one of the fans of content. It is a video that can significantly improve the rank of your site and bring it to level one.

According to statistics and research, video content can be more than 55% effective in placing your site on the first page of SERPs, and this shows the importance of producing quality video content, which can be different compared to The level of textual content is noticed and the percentage of influence on the conversion rate and even on the amount of traffic generated in the search of your site.

But in this section, you may have a question, and that is how the production of video content works on the site's SEO. How can a video content improve the site's SEO?

As mentioned above, one of the benefits of producing video content is to increase the site's SEO performance, and in relation to its performance in SEO, it can be said that according to the score that Google has defined for the time users stay on the site, when Watching the video can increase the user's stay on the site, and this shows the practicality and usefulness of the site's content, which will improve the site's level.


What is video marketing?

One of the newest internet marketing methods is video marketing, where video clips are provided to visitors. So that the impact of video marketing on site SEO is several times that of text and written content. With the help of video marketing, products and services can be introduced to customers visually.

Types of video marketing

Videos may be movies or lectures, which can be divided into several categories:

  • Educational videos

When the company introduces a new product to the market, it becomes difficult for the consumer to use and work with the new product. Therefore, the company decides to explain how to work with the product to its customers by preparing a short training video. In the training videos, someone teaches the new product step by step how to use it and how to work with it.

  • Promotional videos

If the managers of the company intend to introduce the current and past products of the company or want to talk about their company's services with customers and consumers, they prepare promotional videos. In this type of videos, the sentences used are descriptive.

  • Scientific videos

In scientific videos, the main goal is to describe an article or article in a spoken manner. So that the research related to a product is prepared and made available to users in the form of a short film.

  • Lecture videos

When company managers intend to communicate with their customers, they try to make a video of their conversations and upload them to the website. Speech videos can be promotional, scientific, or product introduction.

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