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Designing a dedicated static template for each customer is one of the services provided by Orange Group. These exclusive templates can become your website brand and be designed and implemented according to your taste. Follow us in this article to learn more about custom static template design.

Dedicated static template design

 What is a static website? 

First, let's see what a static website is. When you create a site for yourself, this site must have a specific appearance, which we call a website template. Then your content, which includes text, images, files, etc., is placed inside this template. In static website design, it all ends with this. It means that your work is finished after designing the template and putting the content. In fact, in these types of sites, the most ideal case can be the design of a dedicated static template.

When a site is static, all its parts are manually designed and work independently of each other. This means that any change you want to make on your website, you have to do it manually by changing its appearance and you have no other way. In fact, your website has no core and is just a simple shell. Meanwhile, in dynamic website design, you have a panel or management environment that allows you to change different sections. And other parts of your site will also adjust with each change. (We'll talk more about this in the next section.) In fact, proprietary static templates can be likened to sculptures. Because once they are made, it is not so easy to change them. 

The difference between proprietary static and dynamic template design

What is the difference between designing a dedicated static template and dynamic templates? Does HTML make a custom static template?

Dedicated static template design As their name suggests, they are static templates, that is, unchanged and non-dynamic. HTML is responsible for designing dedicated static templates. Of course, this does not mean that dynamic templates do not use HTML and do not need HTML.

Therefore, learning HTML is considered the first step for designing any type of format - whether static or dynamic. In dynamic formats, in addition to HTML and the site template, there is a CMS that allows us to manage the content. Using a CMS, we can Make contact forms dynamic, or manage products in a store. So we can say that HTML alone is not enough to design a complete site.

Therefore, the design of a dedicated static template that does not need to be updated and is designed only to introduce a topic is written and uploaded with HTML and CSS. and in order to update the site, the files must be edited and then uploaded to the server again. But today, few people use this type of site.

Static concept in HTML design 

To design a dedicated static or non-static template, HTML is required. Without the use of HTML, neither designing a dedicated static nor non-static template can be done. But what is important and we should know, is that dynamic Jetty templates are also a special type of static template! Therefore, the importance of HTML is not diminished. Static templates are specific sites that do not use server-side codes, that is, their content is fixed forever, and to change the content, you must change the site's HTML codes. In other words, The dedicated static template only has HTML codes and client-server languages, and the management panel is not designed for it. Are the current sites static? Most of the sites on the web (perhaps 100 percent!) are not static, that is, they were first designed with HTML, but then they became dynamic. For this, languages such as PHP are used. 

Advantages and disadvantages of designing a dedicated static template 

The initial design of dedicated static templates does not take much money and time.

Changes to a static website will be very costly for you in the future. Because every small change must be applied to each page of the site, and for each change you have to pay a fee to a designer.

On a static site, you won't have many options.

2023 Jun 29

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